OCEANIA Marine Educators Association

OCEANIA Marine Educators Association

Thursday, February 9, 2012

OCEANIA Share-a-Thon February 2012


OCEANIA member meeting potluck and NMEA recruitment session. Photo by Alyssa Gundersen.

OCEANIA Share-a-Thon
OCEANIA hosted our annual member meeting Feb 2nd, 2012. A Share-a-Thon modeled after the annual NMEA event allowed members to share their projects, research, and opportunities with each other. Highlights of the Share-a-Thon included:

Updates from the volunteer program at Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB).
Mark Heckman shared lessons learned from his volunteer coordination efforts. He uses a volunteer blog to update his crew, and it’s open to the public. Check it out!

HIMB volunteers in action. Photo by Mark Heckman.

HIMB Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Research Partnership New Website
Carlie Wiener shared the new website. Google analytics is helping her to better engage the public and tell what efforts are working. She is seeing spikes in traffic after her monthly press releases. Check out the website – there are current events and other goodies too (even a science glossary)

Carlie Wiener shares the new NWHI research website. Photo by Alyssa Gundersen.

Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council
Sylvia Spalding shared the new management website, which has games, the names of fish in the jurisdiction in various languages, as well as video pod-casts. Check out the resources!
·       www.wpcouncil.org
·       www.ahamoku.org  - resources, fishpond observation log

Hawaiian Fishpond Project: Laulima A Ike Pono
Judy Lemus shared opportunities for local community members (students or otherwise) to gain experience through research & cultural education. Currently interns (6 months at a time) work with grad students on their research. The interns then come back to serve as mentor interns, ocean awareness training participants are mentored by current interns. OCEANIA is planning a field trip to work at the fishpond this fall.

Judy Lemus, with assistance from Liz Kumabe, presents about the Laulima A Ike Pono project. Photo by Alyssa Gundersen.

Exploring Our Fluid Earth Curriculum & Ocean Literacy Lesson Plans
Alyssa Gundersen and Lauren Kaupp presented about a new marine science curriculum based on the Teaching Science as Inquiry model (inquiry experiential learning) from the University of Hawaii’s Curriculum Research & Development Group and UH Sea Grant. Teachers in Hawaii are currently piloting the curriculum and website. In summer 2013, material will be available to the public. Student materials will be free, and paying teachers will be able to interact and share materials. Five modules will focus on connections between the ocean literacty principles and physical, Chemical, Biological, Ecology, and Practices of Science Content. Sign up to be notified when material is available:

Preview of the Exploring Our Fluid Earth Curriculum and Online Learning Community site.