OCEANIA Marine Educators Association

OCEANIA Marine Educators Association

Thursday, September 19, 2013

HaSTA Conference


We had a great session at the Hawai'i State Science Teacher's Conference! Our session was titled: Marine Field Trips, Resources, and Opportunities

Thanks to all of the presenters from the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, the Waikiki Aquarium, the University of Hawaii, Maui College, the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary and the Teaching Science as Inquiry Program, and COSEE Island Earth.



OCEANIA meeting at HaSTA Conference


The notes from our membership meeting are below. Thanks to all for coming. We will be having a board meeting in November and then will call for elections in Dec. or Jan. Thanks Joanna for doing the minutes!

OCEANIA Membership Meeting - Sept. 14, 2013 1-2pm

·         Present (board members): Mark Heckman, Patty Miller, Joanna Philippoff, Carlie Wiener, Dan Ravensway

·         Present (members): Ryan Kagami, Jim Foley, Barb Mayer, Frannie Coopersmith, Shelley Steele, Sandy Webb, Maggie Prevenas, Sylvia Spalding


OCEANIA overview

·         Email Issues

·         We are starting a new list as not all members are being contacted via our email listserve

·         Mark will serve as president a second year

§  By-laws need to change, president should serve a two-year term

§  The president-elect (currently unfilled) organizes the conference for the next year

·         Website

§  We will request space on new NMEA page (link chapters more closely with national organization, should bring visibility of all up)

·         P.O. Box

§  Letters are bouncing back, we need to make sure P.0. Box is paid (Patty will check)

·         NMEA national conference (Mobile) – we have a large presence nationally

§  2014 national conference to be in Annapolis

§  We plan to host the 2020 national conference

·         Upcoming OCEANIA 2013 events

§  Tentative Nov. OCEANIA meeting, with elections afterwards


Updates for Local Marine Education Community

·         There will be an ocean resource search page on the HEEA (Hawaii Environmental Association) website (facilitated by COSEE)

·         The HI conservation alliance has a new page – conservationconnection.org

§  Sign up as user or nominate a stewardship site

·         Maui College has a new 4-yr degree: sustainable science management

·         COSEE updates

§  There are currently two Communicating Ocean Sciences Courses – at KCC in Kona (facilitated by COSEE)

§  COSEE flat-screen panels are being introduced to different areas around the state

§  Ongoing:

·         SeaHarmony website – sign up to connect with marine educators and researchers

·         All things Marine monthy radio show -

·         NOAA’s offices are moving to a new location on Ford Island

§  There will be a new visitor center/exhibit area with and auditorium and classroom space

§  There will be school programs to see things like the turtles, monk seals, and fisheries

§  Friends of the center will get a year-long pass to allow them to come to Ford Island

·         Exploring Our Fluid Earth – an aquatic curriculum aimed at 9th graders but easily scaled for both MS and HS classrooms, will be live next summer.

·         Voice of the Sea – a pacific-based marine TV show, will be on PBS next year

·         Exemplary State – idea floated around by UH, military, business partners, and other organizations (e.g. OHA) to connect the STEM pipeline

·         West Pacific Fisheries Council has scholarships and traditional knowledge calenders

·         Waikiki Swim Club is re-imagining the Kaimana Beach fishing closure/open periods



·         North-Shore teachers, $250-1000 grants to 10-15 teachers to look at bay/watershed/estuaries

§  Oct. 15th deadline (contact Patty Miller)

·         HS teachers, registration funds to attend Feb. Ocean Sciences meeting.

§  If interested in presenting on CMORE, there is money available to pay registration fees (contact Jim Foley)


Upcoming Local Marine Education Events

·         Sept. 28th – Free tour of Sea Life Park! (facilitated by Tara Dixon)

§  Currently only 12/30 spots filled

·         Oct. 3rd – Seafood festival

·         Oct. 18th - Waikiki Educators Night

·         Oct. 19th – NOAA Ocean Explorer PD at HIMB

§  $ gift certificate, money for neighbor island teachers to attend

·         Oct. 25/26th – SOEST open house

§  There is a poster contest for students

·         Feb. 24th – Ocean Sciences meting, priority deadline is Oct. 4th

§  Cost for HS teacher is $150

·         July 10-16th – IPMEN (International Pacific Marine Educator’s Network)  next week-long conference in Japan, $1000 (all-inclusive)

·         Spring: Judge Hawaiian history through a cultural/historical/science lens (see Sandy Webb)

·         Summer: 2014 Hawaii Conservation Conference will have a “navigating change” theme

·         Summer: HIMB HS authentic research experiences (5 week summer immersion), through Dr. Malia Rivera