OCEANIA Marine Educators Association

OCEANIA Marine Educators Association

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fall Meeting and Outing to the R/V Falkor

Our hosts, Carlie and Logan from the R/V Falkor.  Photo: M. Heckman
We had a fun outing to the R/V Falkor on September 20th. OCEANIA Board Member Carlie Wiener is also the Communications Manager for the Schmidt Ocean Institute, an amazing organization.

Images are of just half the folks that came along. I was in the second group, so my apologies to those in the first group that I missed. But you can see that the OCEANIA folks made themselves right at home, taking over the library and then the control room.
Falkor Library, note the great image on the wall. Photo: M. Heckman 
Taking over in the Science Control Room. Photo: M. Heckman
It is probably a good thing that we were at dock and not out in the deep blue - although I feel that any of our teachers could give an ROV a good turn around the ocean depths or be at home running a multibeam sonar array.

After the tour.           Photo: M. Heckman
So check out Schmidt Ocean Institute and follow a cruise. Their next expedition is: MAGNETIC ANOMALIES OF THE WORLDS LARGEST VOLCANO! Let Carlie know if you want to get your students involved. You can email me and I will pass it along! mheckman@hawaii.edu.

Until our next outing.


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